St Albans Backgammon

probably the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on!

Welcome to St Albans Backgammon Club


Live play has resumed, at a new venue!

  • We meet every Tuesday at The King William IV
  • From shortly after noon, we play chouettes
  • At 18:25 we draw, and at 18:30 prompt, start playing, the Main knock-out tournament
  • 8-player "Consolation" tournaments commence as players drop out of the Main
  • Players eliminated from all tournaments then play more chouettes
  • If you're new to backgammon, or a little rusty, we'll gladly teach you for free

St Albans Backgammon club is entirely free - there are no membership fees, no entry fees, no "rakes".  But please remember to support our hosts by patronising the restaurant and bar!

Our tournaments feature a "variable pool", so everyone can play in the same tournament, for whatever stake they are comfortable with.

Our chouettes are usually limited to a maximum of 5 players, so you are guaranteed plenty of play all evening.